Kent Sherrill (Alex)

” My son Alex, who is 12, first started racing a supermini with your engine in it last June. He won the NCHSA Mini C Big Wheel Off Road Championship last year with a total of 9 wins out of 11 races. That was his second year of racing. Now in his third year, he is racing the Mini B Big wheel class, age 8-13. This year,  he has convincingly won 4 out of 5 races. Would have won this past weekend, but had a flat. He is beating most of the older mini A riders and has had 2 top 5 overall finishes out of 60 or so bikes.The other were 8th place finishes. There is no doubt his bike makes a huge difference. Most of his races are in the foothills of NC, meaning some wicked hill climbs on his 5+ mile course. Watching and seeing him ride effortlessly, never seeming to struggle with lack of power, is a tremendous asset to have. There has not been one race this year that someone hasn’t made a positive remark on the way his bike runs and how he rides it. I realize Alex is less famous and experienced in comparison to the typical riders you deal with, but that’s okay. We are just so glad to have had the opportunity to own one of your engines. It has truly changed his outlook on the way he approaches a track and it’s obstacles. So, thank you again for everything and I hope he enjoys the 150 as much as he has the 112.”

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