Sienna Brown

“I am a 16-year-old (birthday is March 28) female motocross racer with the ambition to be a professional and willing to put in the work. I have been riding ever since I can remember, but just 3 years ago I started taking it seriously and getting coached. My first coach was Joe DeGano from Mx- Coach. I trained with him for 1-2 years and I am currently training with Wyatt Lyonsmith. I have also done other training sessions with Ryan Hughs and Gregg Schnell. I would say I am involved in the local moto community. I have been a member at OMC (Owyhee Motorcycle Club) since 2010 and more recently I became a member of Skyline.”

  • RMX 2021 Results
    2nd in Women’s
    8th schoolboy 1
    11th in supermini
  • Loretta’s AMA Amateur Championships
    28th overall in Women’s (24, DNF, 19)
    11th overall in Girls (15, 8, 10)
  • AMA Mini Warriors
    3rd in Schoolboy 1
    2nd 125 C
    3rd Supermini
    1st in Women

2022 Goals

o 2022 Podium at Loretta’s
o Top 3 in all Participating Classes for RMX Series
o Podium at Mammoth

Long Term Goals
o AMA Pro
o 1st Female to Win AMA SX and Motocross