An engine case is unsightly and a possible hazard while rebuilding an engine. Here at Lynk’s racing we take pride in our engines, which means making them look nice too. With our Hydro Blast system built by Vapor Honing Technologies, we can easily accomplish just that. Vapor honing is a process that combines a typical soda-type blaster with pressurized water. This configuration efficiently removes dirt from the engine case, while washing it away with water. The water provides the engine surface with sufficient lubricant to prevent the blast media from eroding the engine material. The water also cushions the media, making it last longer than conventional dry media blasters. The hydro blast also knocks down the ultra fine breathable airborne particulates, making the unit even safer to use. The hydro blast doesn’t use any chemicals whatsoever. Being a self contained system means that the media is recycled and reused within the tank. Engines that undergo this process become ridiculously clean, and may leave you believing you got a new engine case! If you have any questions about our engine cleaning services, please call us at 802-475-2708.