Engine Mod Process

Need a more specific power profile? Lynk’s Racing has been creating powerful and reliable 2-stroke engines for both amateur and professional racers alike. By matching a rider to their engine, the greatest performance gains can be made.

Lynk’s Racing utilizes modern techniques like Ceramic Coating, REM Polishing, and DYNO Testing to ensure the highest level of performance is provided from the machine you rely on to win. The custom nature of the work that is performed means that each racer and each motor is different. Lynk’s Racing custom fabricates Piston Kits for the 2-Stroke motors listed below. Remember, “custom” is the key word. We offer Lynk’s Racing piston kits and other custom parts for motors specific to your needs as an athlete. 

Due to the customization involved in these processes, we encourage you to contact us about motor packages so you can obtain a better understanding of the services we will be providing.

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This DYNO chart for the Suzuki Rm 85 shows the power gained by installing the Lynk’s Racing custom-designed power valve cover. Blue is with our cover, red is stock.