Landon De Vall

Landon De Vall

Home state? California

Favorite track/race:  Favorite Race is 2023 Washougal WHS and my favorite is Pala Fox raceway.

How many years have you been riding? 4 years.

Favorite Food: BBQ steak (no sauce), pasta and broccoli

Hobbies: Golf, Mountain biking, skiing

Best Vacation: Crankworx New Zealand, 2020

Who is your hero and why?  Jett Lawrence..  He is smooth on the bike and makes it look easy.

Why did you start riding? I’ve always loved 2 wheels growing up in BC, once we moved to CA, I grew to love my dirt bike, a lot!

Do you have any siblings who ride? My brother rides, but competes on the DH mtn bike.  He is 17, Benny de Vall