Justus Pearston

Justus Pearston

Home state? Connecticut

Favorite track/race: i love racing Daytona Supercross. i love how knarly Loretta’s get and thats an experience like no other. my local favs, The Wick and Unadilla

How many years have you been riding? 2020, 3+ years

Favorite Food: sushi is number one but what kid doesn’t love mac n’ cheese

Hobbies: snowboarding, basketball, football, baseball, soccer, fishing, hiking, biking, and anything outside.

Best Vacation: racing supercross at the LA Coliseum and seeing the Pacific ocean

Who is your hero and why? my dad is my hero. he is a veteran and supports me in everything i do. he has made many sacrifices to help me pursue my MX dreams. i look forward to our road trips where we have seen so much of this beautiful country and raced some amazing tracks while making memories to last a lifetime.

Why did you start riding?  i began racing during COVID when sports got cancelled. i instantly fell in love and have continued ever since

Do you have any siblings who ride?