Josh Varize

Braden Carber



“I started riding when I was 6 years old on a SSR70. I upgraded to a KLX110 when I was 8 years old. It was always a dream of mine to be able to race and I got the opportunity in 2020. After racing my first hare scramble, it was obvious that I had outgrown my bike and needed something that was bigger, faster and better matched to my abilities. By the following weekend, I was riding a KX85. I knew I could even further my potential and before the 2021 season started, I upgraded again to a KX112.”

Evansville MX Park Berwick, PA 14-15 Supermini 4th
Darkwater Trail Pottsville, PA 14-15 Supermini 7th
Blue Comet MC Club Schwenksville, PA 14-15 Supermini 1st
Adult C – Schoolboy I 1st
Bluestone Pottsville, PA 14-15 Supermini 5th
Burma Road St. Clair, PA 14-15 Supermini 4th
Coyote Run Susquehanna, PA 14-15 Supermini 4th