Cole Whitaker

Cole Whitaker

Home state? Indiana

Favorite track/race: Mini O’s/Gatorback for sure. The track gets rowdy and it’s just a fun event.

How many years have you been riding? 8 years- I started riding just before my 3rd birthday, but didn’t start racing until I was 6.

Favorite Food: BBQ boneless wings

Hobbies: Golf and basketball. I’m not great at either one, but I have fun!

Best Vacation: Anna Maria Island

Who is your hero and why? Michael Jordan. I’ve watched “The Last Dance” 1000 times. He’s such an inspiration. I really admire his work ethic and commitment to the game.

Why did you start riding?  I Started riding because my Papaw loves motorcycles, and he decided when I was little, he wanted all of his grandkids (6 girls and 2 boys) to learn how to ride. He bought us all dirt bikes and gear. I fell in love immediately.

Do you have a sibling that rides? 2 sisters: Lexie (14) and Vivi (7). Lexie doesn’t have an interest in racing herself, but Vivi has raced a few times and wants to try for LL.