Aiden Held

Aiden Held

Home state? New York

Favorite track/race: Mini O’s, RCOX Daytona

How many years have you been riding? 7

Favorite Food: bbq chicken wings

Hobbies: fishing, scootering, pit bike racing, basketball

Best Vacation: disney when i was 5…haven’t been on a real vacation since because i’d rather be riding

Who is your hero and why? Ricky Carmichael. I trained with him at the goat farm. he made me a more confident rider and he is still involved with the sport. He wants to help others reach their goal. His mom, jeannie was there and she gave us carpet rides on her quad and gave me an experience i will never forget

Why did you start riding?  my dad raced and i’ve been riding bikes since i was 3. love being outside, love being at the track with family and friends, love the competition.