Gordon Keck

Racing Number:  47

Height: 5’

Weight: 100 lbs.

Sponsors: One-Eighty Decals, Lynk’s Racing, 53 Twelve Suspension, Renthal, ASV, FMF, Dunlop, EVS,  Mom and Dad

Bike: Suzuki RM 85

Favorite Track: Loretta Lynn’s

Favorite Food: Hamburgers

Favorite Quotes: “He Who Is Not Courageous Enough To Take Risks Will Accomplish Nothing In Life.”  – Muhammad Ali

“Hero’s get remembered but  legends never die.” – Babe Ruth

Something People Do Not Know About Me:  How much I want to win CHAMPIONSHIPS!

Past Accomplishments:  2012 Mammoth Qualifier 2nd place in  both the open and age group,  2012 Loretta Lynn are qualifier Stock 85cc 12-14 1st Place, 2011 Dodge Amateur National 2nd Place 65cc Open, Loretta Lynn’s  65cc Stock 10th Place, Mammoth Motocross 2011 65cc 9-11 6th Place, Moto scores were 10-4. Loretta Lynn Regional South West 2nd overall Stock 65cc 9-11, and 3rd overall Mod 65cc 7-11. Oak Hill 2011, 65cc Stock 9-11 8th place, Mod 9-11 9th place, and Open 7 to 11, 11th place overall.  Dodge Nationals  2012:  Modified 85  12-13 Overall 3rd place.     Stock 85  12-13 Overall 3rd place.

Accomplishments in 2013:  World Minis:  1st place overall 85cc 12-13 stock, 3rd place overall mod 85cc.   Mammoth qualifier at Milestone  3rd  place overall.   Mammoth:  5th place overall  12-13 age group.   Dodge Nationals:  Stock 85 12-13  2nd place overall.  Mod 85 12-13   3rd place overall and Superminis thru 16  8th place overall.

Future Goals:  Oak Hill, Freestone, World Minis, Mammoth, Loretta’s  and Monster Energy Cup.

My coach other than my dad is Grant Langston.  I am training with him in order to accomplish a very successful amateur and professional career.

I now attend an independent study school.  I attend 3 days a week Tuesday thru Thursday all day.   I am in 8th grade while in 9th grade math …algebra with a GPA of 3.75.  When I go to the races, I am able to focus on the race and not be concerned about schoolwork because I have pushed ahead and will continue to do so. After school I work out, ride my BMX bike and help at home.  I also mountain bike ride in addition to training and/or racing.


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