Services Pricing Table

Pricing is for 2-stroke engines only




BOTTOM END REBUILD – Vapor hone engine exterior, split cases, clean and inspect all parts, rebuild crankshaft, replace main seals and bearings, clean carburetor, replace necessary gaskets and dyno motor.


  Starts @ $400


TOP END REBUILD – Disassemble cylinder and inspect cylinder and head. Replace piston, wrist pin, bearing  and clips. Clean and inspect power valve. Check reeds and clutch. Dyno motor.


  Starts @ $150


R.E.M. Finishing – Achieves a mirror smooth finish on all steel internal moving parts. This reduces kinetic power loss, and promotes smoother shifting, gear mesh, power transfer, and better overall transmission function.




Cylinder Porting – Polishing and head modification


Match Engine Cases – Port the intake and cylinder base areas of the engine cases




Carburetor Modification


  Starts @ $75


Crankshaft rebuilding, modification, truing, and balancing.


  Call for Pricing


Complete ceramic bearing installation   Starts @ $500
Oil Change – remove clutch cover, clean and inspect.    

Starts @




Lynk’s Racing Custom Fabricated  2-Stroke Piston Kits

Lynk’s Racing  pistons are designed to be used with the Lynk’s Racing cylinder and head mod packages

Lynk’s Racing custom fabricated TWO STROKE piston kits










KTM 65 SX / Husqvarna TC65   $125
KTM 85 SX / Husqvarna TC85   $160
KTM 105 SX / Husqvarna TC105   $175
KTM 112 SX / Husqvarna TC112   $175
Kawasaki KX 85   $160
Kawasaki KX 112   $175
Suzuki RM 85   $150
Suzuki RM 112   $175
Yamaha YZ 85   $135

Lynk’s Racing single piece cast heads **




KTM / Husqvarna 85 / 105 / 112   $350
KTM / Husqvarna 125   $350

Lynk’s Racing designed power valve cover that gains horsepower **






Suzuki RM 85   $150

Replacement reed valves






All reed valve replacements   $60


Prices  for engine service are for labor only.

*Prices are subject to change without notice.

** Only available on certain makes / models