Services Pricing Table

Pricing is for 2-stroke engines only

*Prices are subject to change without notice.




BOTTOM END REBUILD – Vapor hone engine exterior, split cases, clean and inspect all parts, rebuild crankshaft, replace main seals and bearings, clean carburetor, replace necessary gaskets and dyno motor.



Starts @ $450


TOP END REBUILD – Disassemble cylinder and inspect cylinder and head. Replace piston, wrist pin, bearing  and clips. Clean and inspect power valve. Check reeds and clutch. Dyno motor.



Starts @ $150


R.E.M. Finishing – Achieves a mirror smooth finish on all steel internal moving parts. This reduces kinetic power loss, and promotes smoother shifting, gear mesh, power transfer, and better overall transmission function.





Cylinder Porting – Polishing and head modification


Match Engine Cases – Port the intake and cylinder base areas of the engine cases





Carburetor Modification



Starts @ $75


Crankshaft Servicing – rebuilding, modification, truing, and balancing.



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Complete ceramic bearing installation   Starts @ $500
Oil Change – remove clutch cover, clean and inspect.    

Starts @ $65