Lynk’s Racing Mod Packages & Pricing

*All prices & packages are subject to change without notice*

Every engine we build or rebuild will be tested on the dyno. In doing this, the engine is properly broken in, and we make sure you are getting the performance you pay for. If the engine case is dirty, it will be “Vapor Honed”. All pricing is for new engines. If used engines need any parts to be replaced there will be an estimate given. Please call for recommended exhaust system. If you have any questions about our engine builds please call us at  802-475-2708.

Things to do before sending an engine to Lynk’s Racing:

  • Call Lynk’s Racing first to schedule engine work.
  • Before removing the engine from chassis drain the oil completeley and reinstall the oil drain plug, then drain all coolant and reinstall the coolant drain plug.
  • Please send only the parts listed here, or requested by Lynk’s Racing.
  • If your engine has a clutch slave cylinder, unbolt and remove the clutch cylinder from engine only – do not remove the hydraulic line to the slave cylinder, so you won’t have to bleed the line upon reassembly.
  • If sending the carburetor, remove the slide from the carburetor, and remove the cable from the slide. Then send the metering rod for adjustment, the slide for inspection, and the carburetor for cleaning / modification.
  • Remove kick start lever, and shift lever.
  • Please try to remove all chunks of dirt/ grease from the engines, and use something like paper towels to block the ports as to prevent leaking any residual fluids into the shipping package.
  • Please print and fill out the work request form from the front page of this website, and include the completed form within the box that the engine is shipped in. On the work request form, please provide all necessary contact information, as well as the services requested.
  • Partial payment up-front may be necessary

When sending your engine, please do not:

  • Send the kick / shift levers
  • Send control cables, handles or slave cylinders
  • Send the CDI box unless asked
  • Send low-grade aftermarket parts, we will not use them!
  • Send the engine disassembled
  • Send the engine containing fluids
  • Send the engine or parts in a weak box, or poorly packed
  • Send your engine packed with packing peanuts
  • Send your engine without information



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