KTM/Husqvarna/GASGAS 65 Modification Package






KTM/Husqvarna/GASGAS 65 Modification Packages


Every engine we build or rebuild gets run on the dyno. That way the engine is properly broken in, and we make sure you are getting the performance you pay for. If the engine case is dirty, it will be Vapor Honed. All pricing is for new engines. If used engines need any parts to be replaced there will be an estimate given. Please call for recommended exhaust system. If you have any questions on our engine builds please call us at 802-990-2354.*All prices & packages are subject to change without notice*


Currently the KTM, Husqvarna and GASGAS has the only 65cc class engine that operates with a power valve. The exhaust control provides more low end power and torque, widening the power band of the engine.Lynk’s Racing has developed a mod package that extracts even more power from the 65 engine. We have also come up with a great AMA legal stock motor package.

Engine Parts and Modifications


Cylinder and head modification, includes head coatings






Lynk’s Racing KTM/TC 65 Carburetor (Includes Complete Carburetor and Modifications)






KTM/TC/GASGAS Mod Motor Package

LR Cylinder, head and case modifications, epoxy work in cases, modify crankshaft (polish, true, and balance), REM finish transmission, Lynk’s Racing 65 piston kit, carburetor modifications, ceramic coatings, complete gasket kit, Works Connection oil fill cap, Dyno Motor.


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KTM/TC/GASGAS Stock Motor Package

True crankshaft, check all tolerances in motor, complete gasket kit, jet carburetor, Dyno motor.

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