Jude Smerlick

“I received my first dirt bike on my 4th birthday, a 50cc PW. I began racing just three months later at a local track. As my love for motocross continued to grow, we began racing at more tracks. Now, I’ve been racing for over 11 years and traveling through many states to attend more national events. I have quite a few AMA Featured Event and LL Regional Championships and a few podium finishes at National Events. I am training with Club57Mx in Jacksonville, Florida. I try to balance practice and training while completing my studies through virtual academy, keeping good grades. I like to work ahead in my courses, finishing my school year well ahead of schedule. Outside of motocross, I enjoy basketball and fishing. I actually went on a few off shore fishing charters this year and enjoyed pulling in five different species of shark.”

2021 Results
Yamaha All-Star Supermini 1st
Baja Brawl Supermini 1 & 2 2nd
The Maine Event Supermini 1st
Loretta Lynn’s National Supermini 2 3rd
Freestone Spring Nat’l Supermini 1 2nd
Freestone Spring Nat’l Supermini 2 3rd
RCSX Daytona Supermini 2 3rd