The easiest way to improve the performance of a modern motocross engine is to keep it properly tuned, maintained and feed it the proper fuel. A performance exhaust system and intake is an easy upgrade that can be applied to the motor as well. These upgrades are not a secret and are used by many to gain more usable horsepower. But, what happens when you need a more specific power profile? Gregg Lynk has been creating powerful and reliable 4 and 2 stroke engines for both amateur and professional racers a like. By matching a rider to his/her engine, the greatest performance gains can be made. Utilizing modern techniques like Ceramic Coating, REM Polishing and DYNO Testing ensures the highest level of performance from the machine you rely upon to win. Lynk’s Racing encourages you to contact us about motor packages. The custom nature of the work that is performed means that each racer, and each motor is different. Lynk’s Racing custom fabricates Piston Kits for the 2 Stroke motors listed below. However, custom is the key word and we offer Lynk’s Racing piston kits and other custom parts for motors not listed. Each motor is unique and power delivery is matched to riding style. Lynk’s Racing motors are custom built, dyno tested, and proven to make more usable horsepower. Gregg Lynk proves this with numbers from the lab, and on the dirt.