The easiest way to improve the performance of a modern motocross engine is to keep it properly tuned, maintained and feed it the proper fuel. A performance exhaust system and intake is an easy upgrade that can be applied to the motor as well. These upgrades are not a secret and are used by many to gain more usable horsepower. But, what happens when you need a more specific power profile? Gregg Lynk has been creating powerful and reliable 4 and 2 stroke engines for both amateur and professional racers a like. By matching a rider to his/her engine, the greatest performance gains can be made. Utilizing modern techniques like Ceramic Coating, REM Polishing and DYNO Testing ensures the highest level of performance from the machine you rely upon to win. Lynk’s Racing encourages you to contact us about motor packages. The custom nature of the work that is performed means that each racer, and each motor is different. Lynk’s Racing custom fabricates Piston Kits for the 2 Stroke motors listed below. However, custom is the key word and we offer Lynk’s Racing piston kits and other custom parts for motors not listed. Each motor is unique and power delivery is matched to riding style. Lynk’s Racing motors are custom built, dyno tested, and proven to make more usable horsepower. Gregg Lynk proves this with numbers from the lab, and on the dirt.


services-suspension01Suspension work is rarely glamorous or adrenaline stimulating but it is hands down the most important modification you can perform on your race machine. No two racers are alike so there is no way an OEM suspension set up can work to your full potential as a rider. Lynk’s Racing can tune your suspension and adapt it to your riding style, terrain, and type of racing. In a world of stock settings and one size fits all, we believe in the complete opposite. Close is not good enough with suspension tuning and settings. Suspension should work in harmony with the engine and brakes on your bike guaranteeing control, power, and traction.

services-rem01REM® ISF® Super Finish
ISF® vs Friction
REM Surface Engineering and the Lynk’s Racing share a common goal – achieving a “winning” finish every time. Motorsports components operate at extreme speeds under high torque requirements. These parts experience extremely high temperatures and parasitic friction. These two conditions lead to over-heating, significant horsepower losses, and, ultimately, catastrophic metallurgical failure of interacting metal surfaces.

Applying REM’s revolutionary ISF®­­­ Process to motorsport parts results in faster, more efficient machines that win races and parts that last considerably longer than standard components. The ISF Process creates a smooth, micro-textured surface that does not just withstand the harsh conditions generated in races, but also helps racers to excel.

BENEFITS of the REM CHEM Surface Engineering Process:

  • Reduce Friction
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Increase Effective Horsepower
  • Increase Power Density
  • Lower Operating Temperature
  • Extend Component Life
  • Reduce Lubrication Requirements and Cost
  • Reduce Metal Debris
  • No Break-in Required
  • Increase Part Durability
  • Reduce Drivetrain Loss


Service Four Stroke Motors Two Stroke Motors
BOTTOM END REBUILD – Split casses, wash and detail bike, clean valves, filter, carburetor, inspect all parts and adjust valves. $485 $375
BOTTOM END 2 – Split cases, adjust valves and inspect all motor parts. $425 $350
TOP END REBUILD – Rebuild top end 4-stroke, wash and detail bike, clean filter and adjust valve clearance. $325 $225
Porting and Head mod’s starting at $300 $200
Match Engine Cases ; $95 $95
Carburetor Mod’s starting at ; $75 $75
Crankshaft Rebuilding, truing, and balancing. Call for Pricing Call for Pricing
Ceramic and Teflon C Forks. Full Service (disassemble, clean and replace damanged parts. $90 $90
Oil Change: Disassemble, clean and inspect. $50 $50
Replace and size guides resurface valve seats. $200  TBD
Two Stroke Piston Kits – custom fabricated by Lynk’s Racing:
KTM 65 Piston Kit n/a $125
KTM 85 n/a $155
KX 85 n/a $160
KX 112 n/a $175
RM 85 n/a $150
Custom power valve cover that adds usable HP:
RM 85 n/a $150
RM 112 n/a $175
YZ 85 n/a $135

*Prices are subject to change without notice.