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2018 KTM 85SX Lynks Racing Mod Packages


KTM changed the complete 85 SX from the ground up. The motor is 0.5 pounds lighter and many changes include a cylinder with an all new power valve system. This system controls both the exhaust valve and the sub exhaust ports for significantly improved power, torque and controllability.

We received our bike in August and immediately got it on the dyno. They made 2-2.5 horse power on the bottom to midrange, however it took away form the top end and overrev. We have spent many hours developing our engine package to get more top end and overrev but still keeping the good bottom and mid. Call with questions (802) 475-2708.

KTM 105 Head

Lynk’s Racing designed a cast head for the KTM 105. The head is made out of a much better material than other heads we have tested. In our testing, it runs 10 degrees cooler at the top of the head and it showed an increase of a little over ½ horse power. We designed the head with plenty of material between the water jackets so you can design any bowl. Also, the water jackets are much bigger to increase the cooling capacity. I have seen many two piece heads fail even when keeping the O-ring new. For more information and pricing contact www.lynksracing.com. Dealers welcome.

2014 KX 85/112 Motor Packages

kawasaki-kx-85-02_800x0w-300x200Kawasaki reworked the motor on the new 2014 to produce 20% more peak power. The changes they made were to the cylinder, power valve, head, crankshaft, piston, carburetor, air box and radiator. They turned it into a very efficient motor with a 2 horse power gain.

It was a bit of a challenge to make the numbers we like to see out of our 85 modified motor builds because of the new changes. We received our new bike in the beginning of Octobe and we really had to think outside of the box on this one. After weeks of dyno and track testing we really have a solid motor for the AMA Stock, Mod and Supermini packages. If you have any questions about our packages you can call us at (802) 475-2708.

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“Lynk’s motors are the best. My son will only race a bike with a Lynk motor in it! They are fast, reliable and they will perform. I honestly believe, my Son Tyler has had the success in his career due to his bikes running so well and fast. You can’t go fast if the machine does not respond to the throttle twist.

I have one more thing to add to this site. I believed in Gregg and his work. But it was when we had an issue while racing Mammoth that the true Greg came out. Not only did he stand behind his work but took full responsibility for an issue and on his own accord, made it right. That kind of ethics, honesty and integrity is a lost art now adays and is also a lost art in our sport. Its because of this, I will never have another engine builder touch my sons bikes.

You want a fast bike, built by a competent mechanic who has integrity and wants to win as bad as the rider? Look no further, GL is your man.”

Terry and Tyler Weyman #20